Scars remover

How Luck Became Permanently Scarred By Ignorance

lucky is a 94 Year old woman with 5 children and grandchildren . She was born with a red mark on the side of her face . Her mother had no clue what it was or what to do as she could not afford medical attention
Her uncle recommended a particular powder to be applied on the spot with redness. Instead of helping her heal the powder caused that part of her face to rot.
Unable to get proper medical care, the sore had spread to the upper part of her face getting worse that her teeth could be seen. A white man had arrived her village saw her going through pains and immediately applied proper medication that helped her face heal
she grew up being called all sorts of names and people making jest of her. She didn’t let any of that get to her because even before they called her ugly she told me she already called herself that
it took her a long time to come in terms with how she looked





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